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More than anything though, the following is a catalogue of music that we genuinely love – records that have moved us, records that have surprised us, records that have inspired us, records we still come back to today. Gather round: these are the 100 Best Albums of The 1980s. We’ll be counting them down over the course of the week, posting 20 records a day and concluding on Friday.

Get creative and have fun with this theme. Try searching dollar stores before going to party stores, this could save you a lot of money in the long run! Also, check out your local thrift shops and consignment shops for vintage or retro-style items to add a unique element to your 70s disco party!

Apply one coat directly along the lash line and center of the lid. Use your finger or a firm brush in a tapping motion to blend edges and set.  Wear alone or over eyeshadow.

Various - Retro Disco CocktailVarious - Retro Disco CocktailVarious - Retro Disco CocktailVarious - Retro Disco Cocktail